The Techniques Of Massage

Spa and massage therapy is probably as old as human history. In many cultures it forms an important part of traditional healing systems. As a result, massage styles and techniques all vary slightly, depending on where they come from.

Massage or Myotherapy (as it is formally known) is a technique that manipulates the muscles and soft tissue through kneading and squeezing. Different styles vary in how the muscles and soft tissues are manipulated, the level of pressure as well as accompanying treatments and the use of massage oils.

The Popularity Of Spa And Massage

Day spas offering spa and massage packages are popular as a way to relieve a range of aches and pains, to assist in relaxation and as a shared experience for couples and friends. Many people regularly visit a day spa and get a massage – sometimes every few weeks or once a month – for the many benefits they experience.

Over the last five years in Australia the day spa and massage industry has grown and with an increase in popularity, day spa customers are becoming more discerning about the level of service they receive.

With busy and stressful lives and an increase in sedentary lifestyles, many people experience ongoing chronic muscular pain and find that regular massage can assist. Stress and overwork can also take its toll and relaxation massage is a popular choice for people who are coping with competing responsibilities in their lives.

There are a lot of benefits to massage for the whole person – body and mind. We’ve summarised some of the many health benefits you can get from having a regular massage.


A common reason for getting a massage is for relaxation. A 50 minute massage can do wonders for relaxing the whole body and allowing the mind to be calm. That’s why it’s not uncommon to drift off to sleep during a really good relaxation massage.

But what’s going on inside the body to make us feel so great during and after a massage? Endorphins, which are responsible for the feelings of euphoria and relaxation that many people feel after exercise, get released when we have a massage and are responsible for that fabulous feeling of relaxation and wellbeing.

Research has also shown an association between massage and a reduction in stress hormones, such as adrenalin and cortisol, which are involved in anxiety. It is for this reason that massage is often successfully used as a form of therapy for anxiety and depression.

Sleep Improvement

Getting enough sleep as well as getting enough sleep of the right quality can have a profound influence on our health. In fact we are understood to be more at risk of a range of diseases and ill health when our body is not able to rest and repair itself during a proper night’s sleep.

When babies are unable to sleep, mother’s often use massage to soothe them. In adults, the ability to fall asleep and stay asleep for eight hours, can be effected by physical ailments, stress and worry, as well as environmental factors, such as electronic devices.

Because massage is known to bring about relaxation and stimulate the release of endorphins, studies have shown that massage can improve sleep patterns.

Muscle Soreness

Massage is a technique for manipulating the muscles, soft tissue and fascia in the body. Techniques vary and include using pressure to release tension, manipulation along the length of the muscle and across the muscle, and kneading the muscle.

Muscle tightness and pain is complicated and researchers are learning more and more about the complex ways that muscles and fascia work together to create pain in the body.

Massage is known for its ability to aid recovery in the case of soft tissue damage, to reduce muscle tension, and to help with flexibility and joint mobility.

Blood Pressure

High blood pressure or hypertension is associated with the development of heart disease as well as stress and puts people at risk of more serious conditions. Massage has been shown to have beneficial effects in reducing hypertension by reducing both the diastolic and systolic pressures.


Headaches can have different causes, but they are frequently associated with stress, anxiety or muscular tension. We often hold tension in the muscles of the jaw, neck and shoulders, which can cause headaches. Because massage releases muscle tension and induces relaxation, it can also have a positive effect on reducing the pain associated with headaches.

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