There are lots of reasons to visit a luxury day spa: for pampering and relaxation; to enjoy a selection of beautiful spa treatments for natural, glowing skin; and as a romantic activity to share with your partner. Many people visit regularly to enjoy a spa and massage for relaxation, a facial, or bathe in hot springs.

Getting Ready For A Luxury Day Spa Treatment

If you have booked a spa treatment, you want to make sure you’re prepared to make sure your experience is as relaxed as you can be. If you’ve never visited a luxury day spa before or had a massage, you may be a little unsure about what to expect. That’s why we’ve put together some information and tips on massage etiquette to help make your first experience the best it can be.

Before You Arrive

If you are having a massage or you’ll be spending some time bathing in a Roman bathhouse or mineral springs, make sure you are well hydrated.

Water helps to keep muscles pliable, which makes your body easier to massage and assists in releasing tightness and tension. Ensuring your body is well hydrated will help release unwanted toxins from the body during a massage and will also reduce muscle soreness over the following days.

When you have a massage, bathe in hot mineral springs or spend time in a steam room, salt and minerals are released and you will experience a loss of water from the body. That’s why it is important to drink plenty of water before you arrive and to make sure you drink during your treatment.

luxury day spa treatments gold treatment room
Many luxury day spa treatments take place in a stunning gold treatment room at Spa De Marrakech

Ask Questions

Never assume that your therapist will ask you all the right questions and have all the information he or she needs. If you think your therapist needs to know something about a previous injury, if you are experiencing pain, or if you are uncomfortable with any part of a spa treatment, it is important to let your therapist know. Luxury day spa treatments are meant to be relaxing and are designed to be of benefit to you. Your therapist is trained to make adjustments during a spa treatment depending on what is best for you.


For some people (especially those who have never had a spa treatment) the idea of being naked in front of a stranger can cause nervousness.

During a massage, most people are naked except for wearing underwear. Massage therapists are very adept at the art of draping, however, and will cover the parts of your body that aren’t being massaged, with a sheet or towel. Your therapist will continue to drape and uncover different parts of your body as the massage progresses, ensuring you have maximum coverage at all times.

Usually during a massage, you will have your back massaged first and will then be asked to turn your body over. To avoid any embarrassment or discomfort, your therapist will hold up a sheet, allowing you to turn onto your back before draping your body and continuing with your massage.

best spa in melbourne steam room
Enjoy the health benefits of steam in the private Steam Room at the luxury day spa, Spa de Marrakech

What To Wear

When you visit a luxury day spa, many of the spa treatments will involve pampering and massaging your whole body. You will need to fully or partly undress for many of these treatments. What you wear to the day spa, therefore is not important, and is completely up to you. Given that this is a time for you to relax and pamper your body, we recommend you dress in comfortable clothes. When travelling between different areas of the day spa between treatments you will be given a robe to wear.

Spa De Marrakech provides hot springs bathing indoors in the Roman Bathhouse. You should bring swim wear with you for this purpose.

For other spa treatments offered at Spa De Marrakech, such as the Arabian Steam Temple Journey, you will be provided with a suitable covering for your body.

When To Arrive For Your Spa Treatment

When you visit a day spa it is important that you are on time and there are plenty of reasons to make this a priority. If you are running late and in a rush, you will likely be stressed out when you arrive. This will do nothing for encouraging relaxation.

When you book your appointment the day spa will let you know when you should arrive. At Spa de Marrakech we ask you to arrive 30 minutes prior to your spa treatment. This allows time to complete any paperwork and allows you to relax with Moroccan mint tea before your treatment.

The Most Beautiful Luxury Day Spa In Melbourne

Spa De Marrakech offers a luxury spa menu, including aromatherapy massage, traditional Hammam Rituals, mineral springs bathing and indulgent and romantic spa packages. When you book a treatment at Spa De Marrakech, be prepared to feel amazing and be amazed at Melbourne’s most beautiful day spa. Located on a five acre resort in the Dandenong Ranges, Spa De Marrakech is the only day spa in Melbourne for your next romantic weekend or day spa escape.

If you have any questions about our spa treatments or would like to book a treatment or package, please contact us or call 9737 0086.