Our sense of smell is very powerful. Whether it be an association with a particular food or the scent worn by a lover, certain scents can illicit vivid memories and strong emotions and feelings.  With this in mind, it stands to reason that holistic aromatherapy treatments and aromatherapy massage, which focus on using essential oils to calm and rejuvenate – are highly effective alternative therapy for the body and mind.

The history of aromatherapy

The roots of aromatherapy lie in ancient civilisations, particularly that of Egypt. The Egyptians were the first civilisation to extract flower essences to create scented oils and perfumes. Ancient Egyptians believed that beauty, magic and medicine were inseparable, and that the relationship between the body, the mind and the soul was sacred.

Although essential oils have been used for millennia, it wasn’t until 1932 – when a French chemist discovered that lavender oil helped cure a burn on his hand – that the term ‘aromatherapy’ was coined.

While the rituals surrounding aromatherapy have evolved over time, the use of essential oils for relaxation and wellness lives on.

Today, aromatherapy is an important alternative therapy. Whether it be a few drops of lavender oil in a hot bath or neroli oil placed in a diffuser to invigorate a yoga practice, there are many ways people apply and receive benefits from essential oils.

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What is aromatherapy massage?

Another way to receive the benefits of aromatherapy is to have essential oils added to massage oil or lotion – turning a regular massage into an aromatherapy massage. During an aromatherapy massage, you inhale essential oils and absorb them through your skin which can enhance relaxation and rejuvenation.

Generally a trained therapist will choose essential oils based on your wellbeing concerns. Many massage therapists have one or more aromatherapy oil blends and will select a combination of oils based on your desired wellbeing outcomes. Your therapist may also involve you in the selection process by asking you to choose an oil based on the scents that you are drawn to.

How does it work?

Essential oils used in aromatherapy all have different healing properties. For example, if you’re particularly stressed some scents can be used to calm your mind, while other scents may help energise you if you’ve been feeling low or tired.

Some popular essential oils include lavender, chamomile and geranium for calming effects; rose, sage and ylang-ylang for uplifting effects; eucalyptus and tea tree as a decongestant and rosemary for energizing the mind. Essential oils also have anti viral, anti-fungal and anti inflammatory qualities, which can be beneficial for the skin and body.

When you breathe in essential oils during a massage, they reach the Olfactory nerve cells. They also penetrate the skin when they are used in massage oil. The oil penetrates to the dermis (the deep layer of the skin), where it can assist with cell renewal and blood circulation. Essential oils can also benefit common skin conditions such as acne, eczema and aging skin, when they are used in aromatherapy massage.

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Experience An Aromatherapy Massage

If you would like to experience the benefits of an aromatherapy massage, Spa De Marrakech, Melbourne’s most beautiful day spa, provides luxurious massage experience for guests.

Spa De Marrakesh uses essential oils from Aromatherapy Associates as a part of all aromatherapy massages. Before your massage you can choose from a range of oils, such as de-stress muscle, a soothing body oil for muscular aches and pains, Renew Rose that is uplifting for your emotions and Deep Relax to soothe your body and mind, allowing you to let go and deeply relax.

The luxurious massage and treatment rooms are fitted with the latest technology including German designed massage tables for maximum comfort during your spa treatment and each circular spa treatment room is decorated with stunning mosaic tiles and beautiful murals depicting the Marrakech tradition.