Spa Packages Melbourne

Spa De Marrakech has designed a series of spa packages at Melbourne's most beautiful day spa. For a special occasion or to pamper yourself choose spa treatments that deeply cleanse and nourish your body, using only natural products and ancient cleansing rituals. Our packages are not just beauty treatments but are designed for complete relaxation for body and mind.

All spa packages last for more than an hour and include multiple treatments. Treatments can include hot spring bathing in the Roman bathhouse, aromatherapy or hot stone massage, facials, body scrubs, Hammam rituals, or a mud bath.

All spa package treatments are completely private. You will be guided through your treatment by experienced therapists who will ensure you are looked after and comfortable at all times. Your body will be cleansed and nourished with the highest quality products to enhance the natural oils and beauty of your skin.

Selections Of Arabia

Per Person
Add lunch
Add Three Course Dinner
Drawing inspiration from the culture and traditions of ancient Arabia, Spa de Marrakesh proudly presents an exclusive two-hour experience designed to soothe mind, body and soul. Commence your journey with your choice of massage followed by your choice of either a Radiant Date Facial that minimises wrinkles and restores a healthy glow or a Desert Sand Body Scrub which uses sand from the Arabian desert to exfoliate the skin, leaving it soft and supple.

Arabian Steam Temple

Per Person
Add Lunch
Add Three Course Dinner
Begin with the oriental Hammam Ritual, choose your personal colour therapy journey then enter your private pre heated Steam Temple where you cover each others body with clay from the Moroccan Atlas mountains, detoxify in the steam, enjoy the infusion of herbal essences, after a period of 20 minutes a rain shower follows to wash away the clay…..follow with your choice of full body massage or facial. This one-of-a-kind experience is an oriental skin care ceremony that combines light, heat, warm aromatic steam and the application of mineral-rich clay in a rather exotic enclosed environment. It’s as romantic as a spa experience can get, and not surprisingly, particularly suited for couples in the privacy of our Arabian steam chamber.

The steam temple can accommodate two adults for this journey.

The Goddess Ritual

Per Person
Add Lunch
Add Three course Dinner
Begin in the Roman Bathhouse where the mineral rich water will relax your muscles and provide needed time to relax. Continue the treatment in your private treatment room with an Oriental Hammam Ritual on the heated massage table. This is followed by a journey in the private Arabian Steam Temple with colour therapy and the self application of clay from the Atlas mountains. This extends into a relaxing massage. A Les Sens de Marrakech facial completes the journey when you are presented a phial of desert sand – a fitting souvenir.

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